From time to time, to be genuinely amazed, I read one of those erudite reviews in newspaper culture sections. How nourishing! It makes me go all weak at the knees to read that some girl, just out of school, photographs fuzzy portraits and that this is the real, genuine art – and I am sure this clumsy oaf has aspirations for the Jindřich Chalupecký award! Well, blow me down! My simpleton mind is insinuating that the girl cannot focus sharply – but here I am reading that it is “The Art “. Well, first of all: “art” means to “know how to do it”. Throughout my long, sweet life I have seen hundreds of thousands of photographs and I can easily recognize a good photograph – even without being a green four-eyed critic. Yes – Antonín Tesař knows how to do it, above all – unlike those greenhorns – he has mastered his craft. And more over: he knows what he wants to communicate. No intellectual groping! Heaven forbid that he is for a long time one of those Modiglianis, Vincents, Bellocqs! Forgotten in his own country! But narrow-minded critics argue that it is a bit thick! In that case they should see some western exhibitions! In comparison with those, my colleague Tesař´s pictures are pure, virgin poetry… His photographs are striking, inventive and technically brilliant. His models are to be envied. His work is excellent. His critics´ opinions are totally contemptuous. I went through the same thing – now I am out of the words. I wish one day Antonín Tesař meets a similar fate.

Jan Saudek