Demons with angel wings

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That's right, the book is extraordinary not only in its size, graphic processing and narrative style. It consists of countless beautiful double pages, on which the reader, just like in the gallery, will find a large photograph supplemented with the title, date of creation, dimensions and technical description, in many cases also an original, timeless, poetic and especially mythological text, quotation or short story. The preparation must have given an incredible amount of work. Other texts can be found in the introduction and at the end of the book, and their authors are not unknown personalities. Judge for yourself: Daniela Mrázková, Jan Saudek, Petr Stančík, Romana Marie Jokelová, Veronika Souralová, Blažena Hlasová, Lu Walker, Hana Tesar, David Dvořáček and Antonín Tesař. In my opinion, this is a very interesting collector's item, not to mention a photographic and graphic experience. The book is clearly organized, the texts are extremely interesting and all the photographic images are a wonderful experience.

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